Project Rules

The basic principles on which community relationships are built:


Be respectful to other community members, the administration, and even your in-game enemies. It’s just a game, not real life. Lack of respect for other players or the administration is punishable.

Please play fair, let whoever plays the game better, makes more effort, and is more knowledgeable win the game. We are against the use of software or bugs or tricks that help you get what you want faster. Hiding tricks, bugs, or using cheat software is punishable. 

We have a terrible attitude towards creating a real fiat market on the game. We badly treat players who jump from game server to game server to make money on the game. These players cause irreparable harm to the project itself and all server members.

Players who resell game valuables or provide paid services are very similar in behavior to termites. They corrode the game server from the inside out for-profit and to satisfy their hunger, but the wood (game server) that the termites devour dies. If you find a person who offers to buy something in the game for real money – immediately notify the administration. As for the subject itself, we can think about solving your need.

We (the project team) developed the project solely based on our vision of the project’s future. We may listen to players to introduce additional content, but we will not tweak the task to suit the needs of a particular group. Often, situations (analogy with termites) propose changes that will harm the server but will momentarily help a specific group of people grow. We warn you that we will not introduce changes that can ruin the game project. We strongly discourage flaming or drama if your suggestions are not implemented.

Our team is interested in maintaining healthy, friendly relationships in the community. Unfortunately, as you know, toxic players in the game poison society with trolling or spreading misinformation.

The project team reserves the right to ban such bad people without warning and block access to the game for negative players. We will not engage in arguments with trolls, and we will not support or cultivate drama or a toxic environment. We’ll nip it in the bud right away.  A game server is a technically complex system.

It may be vulnerable due to human error or other factors that cannot be foreseen. If you find bugs, problems in the game, bugs, you must inform the project administration of available methods of communication and not hide them (bugs, issues, exploits). If you get caught exploiting bugs in the game, the site will be banned.

The last one. Our goal is to create a friendly server for most players for continuous interaction in the game, for the enjoyment of the game, for the implementation of various features in the future. We will do our best to make our server a cozy place for you to discuss and play.

That’s why don’t be a dick.

Information and agreement about donations

Donations are voluntary and are not refundable. If you try to return donations, your account will be blocked. We do not sell you anything and do not force you to make donations.

This is a voluntary step to help the project where you play. Nothing more. We do not bear any risk for any losses associated with donations from you.

In case of any problems – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for support. Maybe we can help you in different situations.

Information about our privacy policy

We do not collect, archive, resell or exploit anything. We’re not an ads company. We’re not trying to make money on your data. All the data you enter on our site – is kept for technical purposes (authorization, registration, viewing statistics, donations).

We do not send out mailings, notifications and do not give your data to third parties, except those which are already linked to our site, for better convenience of using our site and service.

In other words: we do protect your personal information and do not give it to anyone. It is stored on our site (only if you provide it).

But we do not guarantee that your data will be safe in case of emergency or hacking. Even in an emergency, the maximum that a potential hacker can get is your email address.

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