Privacy Policy

This page will try to answer the question: “what kind of data are you collecting?”


We collect the following data:

Your IP address both in-game and on the site (for technical purposes).

Cookies, your email, payment data (without information about your payment method, card numbers, and so on, these data we do not see and do not receive and do not work with them).

In other words, only information about who donated (which account and when and how much).

How do we use your data?

Cookies are used on the site for authentication, to navigate between pages.

Mail is used to create a unique account in the game and on the website.

Your IP address is used and remains in our logs about who visited our site and from what IP (for website traffic analytics) We use your in-game IP address to uniquely identify you in the game.

What other services collect your data on our website?

Our website is a technically complex application. We use third-party resources to display news to you, for chatting, and to collect analytics about the traffic to our site. As well as can be used by third-party resources that are embedded in the site to improve the design of the site. We are not responsible for third-party services and we cannot guarantee what kind of data these services collect. If you are not satisfied with this, please leave our site.

Keeping your data safe

We guarantee that your data will not leak anywhere (except for force majeure, except for database hacks). Your data is stored in an encrypted form (except for your email and username).

We do not plan and do not intend to use your data in the future except on this project.

We do not and do not intend to, distribute, sell, or exchange your data. Your data only remains with us and nowhere else. We disclaim all liability in connection with the leakage of your data. If you are not satisfied with this disclaimer – please leave our project.

Technically, we cannot prevent the deletion of your data from our system, due to too much technical complexity. We therefore strongly advise you to read the privacy policy before you play.

If you doubt something or are not sure about something – please do not register on our project.

The last one

We do not use your information to track you on other websites, and we do not sell or share your information with anyone. 

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