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(2.55 GB)
(323 MB)

Always run VegaRO.exe with admin privileges.

Otherwise, the game client won’t start.

If you can’t run the game client - check FAQ below

Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 10.

The game does not work under Linux or macOS.

Client Version: 26 November 2022

Can’t install the game what to do?

Our game server has its own developed client-server side protection, and some antiviruses can find suspicious files in the game client, which they determine to be viruses. But there aren’t any viruses.

What does that mean?

Our protection is complex and analyzes the game (program) for hacking, plus is protected by additional layers against cheaters. Antivirus products can not see what the program does. Hence they call such files suspicious by default because they can not parse the actions of the anti-cheat software in the game. But this is normal behavior.

Add the entire game folder to your antivirus exclusion list. If possible, please inform us via chat about your antivirus and operating system and the file reported by the antivirus. We will send a request for the antivirus laboratory to remove the false detection in our game files.

Can’t download the game client?

Simply disable your antivirus or add the file to your exclusion list for a while. This will help you download the game client.

Alternatively, you can download the game client from the link below, password from the archive: 1

The game won’t start. What to do?

To begin with, make sure that all the game files are located in the folder with the game. To do this, you have to make sure that your antivirus has not deleted some components of our game. So please check the game folder, and find the following files: VegaRO.exe, hajime.dll, game.dll.If any of these files are missing – you will not run the game.

If the three files above are in the game folder, but the game doesn’t start after pressing Start in the patcher, then you’ll have to check the game settings.

To do this, run setup.exe, and in the “graphics card” tab, select the latest option, select your resolution, uncheck the “fullscreen” checkbox, and try to apply the settings, and restart your computer and restart the game. The recommendations above should help. 

If all files are in the game client, antivirus did not delete them, and all graphics card settings in setup.exe are correct, but the game still does not start, it is the average severity of the problem. To do this, you need to disable the sound settings in the game settings (setup.exe unchecked).

You can also compare the files in the game’s archive and the files in your folder. If some file is missing – try to get that file from the archive.

A reminder: The minimum system requirements are as follows:

Windows 10, x64

VC++ Redistributable 2008, 2012, 2015, 2017

DirectX 9, 10, 11+

It is desirable to install the game in a folder where the path to the folder is not in non-Latin characters (English characters). 

Nothing else works for me. What to do?

Just contact us via live chat. We may be able to connect remotely to your PC (with your permission) and try to help solve problems. You may need a utility called AnyDesk to do this. Again, just message us in the chat room, and we will try to help you if we are online.

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