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Free high-quality Ragnarok Online server that's just right for you. No kidding!

Current Server Status: ONLINE

Basic Info

Episode 13.3

Max Level: 99/70

Max Stats: 99

ASPD: 190

Mobs Rates

Exp: x1000

Drop Rates: 50%

Equip Drop: 30%

Monster Cards: 5%

Boss Rates

10x faster spawn rate

MVP Equip: 20-25%

MVP Cards: 1%

MVP Arena

VegaRO is mostly about small group or solo farming and MVP-ing

With a lot of events, hunting, quests, and missions

A completely packed project

We have a lot of NPCs, a lot of self-made @commands, and systems. And we have improved the game server over time for several years already

All required NPCs

Warp to any place in the game. Get healed, blessed and agi up. Warp and save on MVP arena. Join PVP Arena with ranking and fake list, and so on. @refresh, @spb, @packetfilter, /vsync

Mall and Vending

@vend in the game, and you can warp to a location with an item mall of basic items you can purchase for zeny. Also, you can vend for different currencies

Harder, better, faster, stronger.

Unlock your potential with MVP Arena

24/7 working MVP Arena with almost all MVP boss monsters.

PVP enabled on all MVP spawn locations

MVP Tickets and MVP Ticket exchange for CashPoints

10x faster spawn rate for all monsters

High drop rates and a lot of quests with MVP loot requirements

We are constantly working on the addition of game content

We have hundreds of quests. There are different versions of mob hunting missions

We have an Endless Cellar Instance. You will have access to quest MVP monsters and locations. There is access to guild castle dungeons

Hunting System

Self-made system about hunting different monsters for valuable rewards and equipment upgrade

300+ Quests in one NPC

Hundreds of unique quests for items, headgear, and equipment. Preview hats option

Custom Instances

Access Nydhoggurs Nest MVP directly via warper. Access Satan Morroc or Thanatos

Play mini-games whenever you want with your friends, and take your rewards

Asura Event - win by using Asura strike only

Zombie Invasion - flee from Zombie waves

Bomb Poring - hide from explosion

Zombie Event - bite turn you into a zombie

Trow Stones - pick a stone and drop

Simple PvP - without consumables

Dice Event - are you lucky?

Tarot PvP - Cast Tarot Cards on enemies

Super Mario - How many mushrooms can you kill?

The Ragnarok Online server where players flex and enjoy the game

We have built an atmosphere where friendliness, mutual assistance and entertainment flourish. As a result, VegaRO has already become a place of relaxation and enjoyment for many players.

1500+ Costumes Hats

We have the most extensive collection of costumes available for you to create a unique look. Thousands of costumes, palettes, hairstyles, carts, pets

We are constantly working on new content and entertainment

New additional systems, instances, quests, missions will be available very soon. Below is a list of what we are working on:

Item Upgrade

Improve bonuses for any items

Faction System

Angels vs Demons vs Humans


Get rewards while you are having fun

VegaRO - Ragnarok Online

High-Rate Server 2020 - 2023

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