VegaRO - 99\70 High Rate Ragnarok online server
Rates: 1000x\1000x\500x; Cards 5%, MVP Cards 1%
Opening Soon!

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About VegaRO

Max Level: 99/70; Episode: 13.2 (Pre-re)
Server type: classic high rate server with mvp cards
Server location: USA\SEA region (asia)
Rates Exp/drop: x1000
Cards drop: 5% normal, 1% boss
Max ASPD: 190; Instant Cast: 150 dex
Without wings, or overpowered items
Lags free, cheat protected game-server
Main Language: none, international
Opening date: 19 December 2020

VegaRO - it's a server mostly about classic old-school high rate Ragnarok Online experience on 99\70 levels. Without wings, without awful customized content or headgears, or auras, or other ugly looking content. Many players from SEA and not only regions love such type of servers.

Because you can level up yourself quickly, hunt for required for your needs equipment, and start experiments with builds for killing and hunting MVP's and players in PVP, BG and WoE.

We offer concentrated gameplay without awful and hated things on high rate servers. We're professional experienced staff and VegaRO features and systems in the game very different to other RO servers.

You should try to play on VegaRO for a while, you will enjoy it. We guarantee. Bring your friends to play with you together. We will bring back your 2008-2010st, gold, and very good times.

Features list: all important NPC's for warping, healing, refining, enchanting, mall area, and for fast and easy solo playing, leveling, killing MVPs. Enhanced PVP arena, Battlegrounds 3.0, and detailed ranks. Multicurrency vend, set of useful custom commands like restock, spb, packetfilter. The protected game against bots and cheaters. RCX support, lightweight, and lags free client + proxy system. Hunting Missions, Regular Events.

NPCs: healer, warper, tool dealer, costumer, quest master, job changer, reset girl, breeder, currency exchanger, dozens of quest NPS's, feel reset, stylist, guild locations, Eventor, announcer, marketplace, mall room, bloody branches quests, WoE 1.0, enhanced PVP ranks.

Commands: warp, storage, go, restock, spb, whereis, whodrops, iteminfo, detach, autotrade, and many many more (check @commands)

Download Client

VegaRO download links will be displayed on this page 1 week before the game server opening.
Please wait for the next news from email.

Full Client

2.2GB, full and recommend game client for playing on VegaRO. The links currently unavailable, but 1 week before the game server opening we will share it with this page. We always recommend using this client to solve any potential problems with the game client.

Lite Client

Lite version of the game client it's a full client but without kRO (2020) data.grf & BGM folders. Only for people who have problems with traffic or internet connection. Not recommend if you have a stable internet and a good amount of bandwidth.


Here will be a published list of GRF's and other important for PVP, WoE, or MVP player files for comfortable gameplay. Also, it includes AI's for homunculus, and optimized for high FPS settings and files. All files are optional, and not included in client.